Micro and Mini wind turbines

Among the various renewable sources, in recent years the Italian families oriented themselves mainly toward solar photovoltaics, but there is also a significant increase in the installation of small wind turbines that turn wind into electricity. ASSIEME(Italian Association mini wind energy) estimates that in the coming years in Italy will be installed 20 to 30 MW annual of mini-wind power plants from 1 to 200 kW (ASSIEME estimate an installed capacity currently exceeds 20 MW).

Orizzontal or vertical axis wind turbines

On the market can be found small generators with horizontal axis, similar to the large turbines but on a reduced scale, or vertical axis, that is with the blades in vertical crown around the rotation axis. The classification of wind turbines takes place according to the power: the machines up to 1kWp are called Micro, up to 200kWp Mini.

When to think about Wind turbine

Wind is the first renewable energy source discovered by man after the fire, but unfortunately it is not present everywhere and often, even if this is not sufficient to ensure a satisfying operation of wind generators. It is therefore essential to carefully evaluate and energy production. A study of wind, made in site, allows to formulate return plans and reliable production estimates.