1. Cut down the costs on the electricity bill

You can save 30-60% compared to the cost of your electricity bill, plus add the benefits of net metering.

2. With the Photovoltaic, your property increase it value

3. Make an ethical and responsible Choice for your children and for the environment

Produce energy has a cost in terms of resource consumption and environmental impact. The energy produced by a photovoltaic system instead is zero impact, produces no emissions and has a useful life of more than 30 years, after which, the photovoltaic modules can be totally recycled.

4. The PV is not a cost, it is your personal investment

The average time to pay-back the cost of the PV system is about 5 years (depending on the enrgy market and local laws), after which all the energy saving can be a gain for you!

5. Resell electricity not used

Net Metering is an incentive mechanism that enhances all the energy produced by a photovoltaic system, even the one that is fed into the grid. The net-metering system is present in the majority of the European, and African Country.