Asbestos Encapsulation

In the activities of asbestos treatment, it can happen that theyare reasons because of a real removal of the asbestos can not be performed.

This technique consists in the treatment the material conteining the asbestos without moving it, and it is performed through the use of two types of products: penetrating and covering.

The penetrants products are used when asbestos is present in particularly friable materials, which have the danger of being able to easily release the fibers. The effect they have on the matherials is to penetrate in it bonding the fibers of asbestos the ones with the other.

In case instead the asbestos is present in solid artifacts and so less friable, is possible to use covering products. These products act by creating around the material a kind of coating, which can have different thicknesses, and which constitutes an insuperable barrier containment.

It is good to keep in mind that the encapsulation is not a definitive removal of the asbestos. For this reason it is good that the sites treated through this technique will be subject to periodic checks that control the state and the preservation of the products used.