Different kind of asbestos

Asbestos incuded in a compact matrix

The artifacts of compact asbestos, defined also as "in a compact matrix", are those products that are formed from a solid and stable matrix which can be concrete or vinyl, mixed to a part of asbestos fibers (asbestos-cement, vinyl-asbestos) . Generally it has been found the rate of 80 / 90% cement and about 10/12% of asbestos fibers.

Asbestos in compact matrix is considered less dangerous than friable asbestos because its fibers are bound in a more stable manner and for its lower percentage of asbestos. Belong to this group of materials such as sheets, water tanks, pipes, chimneys, etc.

Asbestos incuded in a Friable matrix

Are defined friable all the materials that can be easily crumbled or reduced to powder by the simple pressure of the fingers, consisting of a very high percentage of asbestos fibers 90% or 95% and a minimum part of binder.

It was mainly used as thermal insulation for pipes, boilers, refrigerators, etc., In the transport sector for the insulation of railway carriages, ships, buses, etc. This characteristic makes it extremely harmful to humans and the procedures for its disposal become much more complex.